Department of technological machinery and equipment

The Department trains Bachelors in two profiles:

  • Machines and Apparatus of Food Productions
  • Production Machines and Equipment of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

The Master’s programme is  Machines and Apparatuses  of Chemical Productions.

The Bachelors  who completed their  training  according to the  profile Machines and Apparatuses of Food Production are skilled in operating, installing,researching, upgrading and designing a variety of equipment for food production industry: flour and bakery products, meat and dairy products, liquid oils, margarine, mayonnaise, ethyl alcohol, beer and others. The types of equipment include grain dryers, stripping machines, cleaners, grinders, classifiers, shapers, furnaces, etc.

The programme according to the profile Engineering Equipment of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries is aimed to train graduates enabled to design both production equipment (reactors, high-pressureapparatus, compressors, heat exchangers, evaporators, centrifuges, etc.) and  to work at the automated productions. Trained to work on various heat- and masstransfer equipment and using reliable methods of its calculation, our graduates can successfully work at the enterprises, solving the problems of modernization and operation of industrial equipment as well as of its construction and repair.

Research laboratories of the Department are equipped with the devices designed for heat-mass transfer apparatus study, for research on the grinding of dispersed materials, refrigeration equipment and air conditioning. A 3D printer allows the students to obtain  ready-made parts according to their own drawings. The Department is equipped with two computer rooms.

The Master’s program Machines and Apparatuses  of Chemical Productions  involves deep professional training and wider types of design and research activities.

This versatility in training ensures a constant demand of the enterprises for graduates of our Department.

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